Our Mission

"But we will tell the generation to come the praises of the Lord, And His power and His wondrous works that He has done." Psalm 78:4
We are so excited to welcome you and your kids into our ministry! Here at Calvary Chapel of El Paso we believe that investing in the next generation is to be a priority. Our mission is to equip children with God’s Word through solid Biblical teaching and prayer so that every child will have a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. We strive to provide a safe, loving and Christ-centered environment. We exist to glorify God through the fulfillment of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) and our ultimate goal is to partner with families to nurture the heart of each child toward knowing, loving, and serving Christ. (Ephesians 4:11-14,16)

Our Purpose

To Know

We want our kids to become followers of Jesus Christ (John 1:12) who share Christ with others

To Love

We want our kids to be nurtured toward a personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ and a responsive love towards others

To Serve

We want our kids to experience the joy of serving for His glory (John 9:24)

Age Groups

We start encouraging kids at a young age to know, love and serve Christ that they may have a life-long relationship with Him. Caring teachers and helpers prepare environments, activities, and age- appropriate Bible lessons with your children in mind. (Nehemiah 8:1-3)


Babies grow fast and move through several stages within the first two years of life. As babies grow, we strive to meet their changing needs with classrooms that match their new abilities. We value communication with parents and families so we can best care for these precious ones


Preschool years are exciting times, and we treasure the opportunity to share basic truths about God, His love, and His design for their lives. Our classrooms are full of crafts, games, music, and scripture. Preschoolers join for a large group music time designed to create community and excite the kids about the truth they will be discovering in their classes.


In our elementary classes, we feel that relationship is absolutely essential. Teachers and leaders strive to create bonds with their small groups and to create a safe and engaging learning environment. The Bible is God’s great story of redemption. Each week students learn truth from the Bible and discover how they may apply the truth to their everyday lives. From welcome, worship time, bible study and send off, our desire is to utilize every part of the time we have with your child(ren) to exalt the LORD and point them to Christ.


Saturday @ 5:30 pm

Sundayv@ 10 am

Wednesday @ 7 pm

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